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broken ballerina

she stood

balanced upon five delicate toes

her left leg as straight as the barre

hung with care in front of the mirror,

only vertical instead

of horizontal.

her right leg hung precariously in the air

bent at a perpendicular angle,

toes ever so slightly resting

upon her straight leg.

Arms jutted out straight,

aching to arch over her head,

waiting to twirl,

to dance,

to whirl away.

but there she stayed.

her body straining against physics

against gravity

against demands

against belief

against her heart –

a heart which demanded


a little more

every day.

her perfect pink tutu collected dust

as her eyes dulled,

her legs paled

and scratches appeared.


her toes broke free.

she tumbled forward,

not knowing where to go,

unable to move her legs,

free falling into the

depths of the unknown.

ever so slowly,

her arms raised above her head

and she twirled,

whirling toward the darkness,

praying for life.

a broken ballerina

seeking freedom

as she tumbled from her

once humble abode.