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brazen brandy

in the penumbra of the eve,

silence creeps.

slithers around  gnarled trees clinging to

primordial roots,

glides down from a cajun sky

strewn with glowing specks of


this solitude steals boldly into my


saunters over to my soul

and pours itself in

as if it were an aged

and brazen brandy,

swirling about in a crystal tumbler.

confessions of the past

now echo inside me

as silence persists,

an obstinate guest

deep within my psyche.


tango at dawn

a crooked smile hangs

deeply in the night,

illuminated through reflections

of a fiery sun sequestered well beyond

the aphotic atmosphere.

cursed to chase the sun,

this crooked smile

swells into fullness

and then fades into darkness,

taunting the sun to promulgate

the hermetic cave into which it retreats

each evening after bowing to the sky

upon completion of their twilight waltz.

the dance deviates at dawn

as the sun pursues the cool cheshire grin

of a glowing white moon.

after a tango into the aurora,

exploding with soft oranges, pinks, and pale blues,

the sun languidly traverses a cerulean sky.

thus the never-ending dances persevere,

beyond the reach of barren trees

held deeply by primordial roots

invincibly into holy ground

reliant upon the very intricacies of

this breathless empyreal entanglement.