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ghosts of the heart

there are paths

deep within our heart.

All are well traveled and worn.

some carved out.

some  long overgrown.

some riddled with thorns.

some burned beyond recognition.

others well cared for,

soft and waiting

for the return of the

ghost of our heart

who one day

suddenly slipped


a ghost of our heart

we dream beyond hope

will return

to tend this path

alongside us,

filling our hearts

with a

joy more beautiful

than any

fully bloomed

scarlet rose

covered gently

in sweet morning dew.



i sail through this sullen atmosphere,

flames lapping at my wings

as an angry ocean pounds the pebbled beach.

i spiral downward slowly,

thought of melodramatic moments

carousing my mind

wondering what i will find

beneath the flames of eternity.

sighing, i embrace completely

the red and orange heat,

collapsing into the ashes.

i gather these ashes up,

using the witching broom.

a dream i become…

memories of the past.

as i shape myself together,

influences appear here and there.

i am my grandmothers,

loving and caring.

i am my grandfathers,

daring and strong.

i flap my wings, slowly…

then again

and again

creating a vortex free of flames

i soar upward

away from the orange and red which

previously consumed my life,

my soul,

my heart.

i rise.


pregnant with hope.

ancient city dwellers

crumbled grey bricks litter the streets

as sunlight persists through the cracks left in walls

vestiges of histories come and gone.

In the center of this city

there is a well,

deep, stricken with black water.

Once, it was clean,

azul, bluer than the

sunniest day

but now,


it lies dormant,

forgotten, shed long ago

much like the lives which

once served as the

heartbeat for this city.

Heartbeats which once together,

lay in the night,

whispering in their native tongue

words filled with passion,

with caring, with love.

Words which lit their bodies on fire

and inspired midnight dances

behind closed doors.

Dances which lasted until the sunlight once again

crept through the cracks in their imperfect walls,

dances which carried on until the dawn of today,

if even only by ghostly remnants of their

hidden souls.

For it is sometimes ghosts of the past

which carry on their work through us,

trapped in the soul of another,

forever fighting their way back

to the love of yesterday,

never giving up hope until

they too, are once again hidden behind closed doors,

dancing a delicate tango

embraced by the one with whom

they found solace

so many many moons ago.