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dusky sky soars overhead

clouds slip along

orange flame sinks beneath the depths

of salted oceanic water.

in this misty opaque world

we sit.

a wish whispered in

the near darkness

sent on the back of the

desert wind

captured by a cloud,

carried to your heart

from mine.

a dream brimming with

throbbing desire tantamount

to breathing –

a cardinal desire –

sinful, lustful,

a languishing requisite for

your caress,

your fingers slipping under my

gown  as we

sink further

beneath the sensual waves

of a lustful ocean.

it is here we find ourselves

drowning in desperate


gasping for breath

impervious to all else.


we find bliss.



a rough breeze

blows across the surface

of rippling water

threatening to break

through the tension

mounted passionately

upon it’s back.

rays of the sun

glow and bounce off

the same taut rippling surface

playing ever so softly with trees

which line the shore,

dancing through their bright

green leaves.

the sun also dances

with me,

warming me as i

sink beneath the surface

of the water rippled

by his sister,

the wind.

the breeze

rushes toward me

desperate to toss my hair

about in her fingers,

as the sun leaves forever

a burning imprint upon

my lips.

the water beneath me

wraps me deep in an embrace,

enveloping my heart

in a drenching hug,


primal moods  not

ravaged by the sun

in many moons.