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i sail through this sullen atmosphere,

flames lapping at my wings

as an angry ocean pounds the pebbled beach.

i spiral downward slowly,

thought of melodramatic moments

carousing my mind

wondering what i will find

beneath the flames of eternity.

sighing, i embrace completely

the red and orange heat,

collapsing into the ashes.

i gather these ashes up,

using the witching broom.

a dream i become…

memories of the past.

as i shape myself together,

influences appear here and there.

i am my grandmothers,

loving and caring.

i am my grandfathers,

daring and strong.

i flap my wings, slowly…

then again

and again

creating a vortex free of flames

i soar upward

away from the orange and red which

previously consumed my life,

my soul,

my heart.

i rise.


pregnant with hope.