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steeped in twilight,

flashing orbs of green

and yellow

drift past my window.

engaged in a dance

longing to find

their mate.

a simple


no games

no hurt

no pulling

strings as if

they were

puppet masters.

no shattered hearts,

no broken souls.

just organic neon

flashing in the night.


a promised touch

as i lie barely covered

in the heat of the day,

long auburn hair

pulled loosely into a knot,

green eyes hidden behind

dark sunglasses,

sweat floats above my skin,

enrobing my ivory pallor

in an ethereal


as the sun’s rays beat

down upon me.

my hand glides upward

along my soft thigh,

my other hand down over

my full breasts.

my mind wanders to

thoughts of you.

the ways you promised

to touch me,

tease me,

please me.

a single tear


striking my fiery tattoo,

a miserable and feeble


to quench the desire

i still hold

for you deep within.