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purple iridescent shadows embrace

souls of yellow, red, black, orange, and green.

your hand reaches out to brush away

ancient egyptian dust

from my mummified human form.

locks open themselves, doors creak away

from their hinges for the first time

in a millenium.

keys to my heart, relics gone undiscovered

for even longer

finally found.

souls embrace souls,

pieces to puzzles,

ying and yang


intellectual intercourse immerses

my membranes as each one slowly


exploding in perfect bliss.

aftershocks rock my body to some

distant unknown beat

my flesh chilled with excitement.

flesh… i am still here…

i close my eyes.

swear i am spirit,

dream of floating through the world

a world i see clearly..

i see clearly.

i feel my heart

hear the pounding

understand at last the rhythms

in which it cries out.

intimately recognize the desires chained deep inside

dark deep desires desperate to be free

to explode within the bounds of an unbound passion

bursting to be free.


i explode

full bloom

red orange yellow roses

are my children.

i hear the voices of my Muses…

“welcome home, my child.”