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ghosts of the heart

there are paths

deep within our heart.

All are well traveled and worn.

some carved out.

some  long overgrown.

some riddled with thorns.

some burned beyond recognition.

others well cared for,

soft and waiting

for the return of the

ghost of our heart

who one day

suddenly slipped


a ghost of our heart

we dream beyond hope

will return

to tend this path

alongside us,

filling our hearts

with a

joy more beautiful

than any

fully bloomed

scarlet rose

covered gently

in sweet morning dew.


etimology of a flame


faded, dismissed, forgotten.

drifted into the recesses of his mind.


bright, contrast, stark,

springing forth within yours.

blooming like a daffodil

in the midst of winter.


feisty, vivacious, hopeful.

peeking out from under a jungle of green,

a tiger lily hidden

as a treasure yet unseen.


afire, spontaneous, yearning.

a deep red rose

lit from within,

waiting, wanting, burning

to just give in to the passion

drifting in her soul.


case of the curious heart

a heart is a curious thing

trapped beneath our chest

beating slow then fast

a touch, a look, a glance,

the right words…




wistful, wanton, dreaming,

the center of our very souls.

our hearts

fool us sometimes,

trap us, tease us, leave us,

lead us astray.

with them, we tilt, we fall, we stumble.

until one day fate

trips us when we least expect us,

carrying us across lines we never

meant to traverse.

yet here we exist,

still sad, wistful, wanton,

needing the miles between us

to melt urgently.

longing for a touch,

an embrace,

a rejoining of impassioned

spirits long separated by time.

so here we stay,


within our own chests,

our hearts sending

an S.O.S.,

desperate for rescue.