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make me yours

there’s a lustful silence between

you and i,

an echo filling space

beween us,

rapidly expanding and pulsating

as we hold our breath

and try to push it away.


it draws us closer,


your eyes search mine as

mine search yours,

lips close enough to breathe in

our salty passion

and inhale ignited desire.

caught in this carnal updraft,

your mouth seizes mine, gently,

then all at once devours me

with the drive of a insatiable tiger,

falling deliriously into


melting into you,

i disappear,

fading not away,

but toward an encompassing

sensual current to which

only your lips carry me.

lost in your sea,

i throw my head back

and sink beneath the waves,


yearning to feel every

drop of you upon my entire body,

denying myself nothing;

immersing myself completely

as together we

toss ourselves amidst the

lustful waves which swell

with each caress,

growing rougher and more


i open my eyes,

deep beneath surging waves

and stare into yours

as a lamb before slaughter,

whispering, into your parched and greedy lips,

three words…

“make me yours..”



soft lips martyr each other,

inflicting torturous passion

battling through inhibitions.

escaping tongues abscond with

territory not their own

yet intimately known.

fervent breaths echo

between us,

our chests rising, falling


an unabated rhythm

as we cling to one another,

my nails dig into your wickedly

prominent shoulders as you

claim me.

hips cavort to ancient rhythms



legs hopelessly tangled together,

losing ourselves down


rabbit hole of


kiss me as you scream

while your body shudders

as the crescendo claims you.

let me take you,

my hair hanging around your face,

lips pressed against yours,

surrendering to this imminent


destined for rapture.

as i shudder,

swallow my scream,

my dear,

hold me close.

as i spiral downward,

caress me as i explode in your arms.

i want you…

i want



dusky sky soars overhead

clouds slip along

orange flame sinks beneath the depths

of salted oceanic water.

in this misty opaque world

we sit.

a wish whispered in

the near darkness

sent on the back of the

desert wind

captured by a cloud,

carried to your heart

from mine.

a dream brimming with

throbbing desire tantamount

to breathing –

a cardinal desire –

sinful, lustful,

a languishing requisite for

your caress,

your fingers slipping under my

gown  as we

sink further

beneath the sensual waves

of a lustful ocean.

it is here we find ourselves

drowning in desperate


gasping for breath

impervious to all else.


we find bliss.