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lost hearts

hearts in the dark

get lost sometimes –

caught up in

broken feelings

bringing them

to their knees

as the sun melts

behind lush green trees

covering mountains made

of years of hurt.

rocks crumble

as they stumble

toward us

full speed ahead

our feet pick up the pace

running away

yet onward

to an unknown horizon.

a straight line

flattened before us

filled with unknown

treasures or tragedies.

yet still

we zig and zag,

panting and racing

to reach you,

hope in our foolish lost


trapped here in the


caught up in

broken feelings

as the pale moon rises

above lush green trees

covering mountains made

of years of hurt.


my secret mustang

you stood in the middle of my life

an impasse.

interwoven with my heart

surreptitiously entrenched yourself into my thoughts.

i let you.

once upon a time,

before you stood on my heart,

i ran free,

like a mustang in an open field.

mane flying in the wind,

hooves on the ground,

shattering the earth as she pounds forward,

not knowing where she is headed,

but tilting forward at full force

filled with the exhilaration of life

as fresh mountain air rolls down the hills

into her lungs.

you moved my mountains.

you stole my air.

you trampled my heart.

you broke me.

i let you.

you rode me.

bred me.

bridled me.

haunted me.

disrespected me.

i let you.

then you let me run free.

you let me try to be

the me I used to be.

the me who ran free and

drank from clear springs flowing

deep within hidden valleys.

then you tried to put the me

i found out there


i didn’t let you.

i kept her.

secreted her away in the corner,

covered her with dust so you wouldn’t see.

i fed her.

i loved her.

i honored her.

she grew strong.

she grew in me.

you saw flashes of her,

brief glimpses of that beautiful strong

free mustang

i used to be.

you padlocked my pen.

you strained to keep me in.

you scrambled to build a stronger fence.

i didn’t let you.

i run free now.

i flung myself upon her back,

gripped her beautiful mane

with all my strength as she leapt

toward freedom,

taking me with her.

i am no longer yours.

i am mine.

Mine alone.

broken ballerina

she stood

balanced upon five delicate toes

her left leg as straight as the barre

hung with care in front of the mirror,

only vertical instead

of horizontal.

her right leg hung precariously in the air

bent at a perpendicular angle,

toes ever so slightly resting

upon her straight leg.

Arms jutted out straight,

aching to arch over her head,

waiting to twirl,

to dance,

to whirl away.

but there she stayed.

her body straining against physics

against gravity

against demands

against belief

against her heart –

a heart which demanded


a little more

every day.

her perfect pink tutu collected dust

as her eyes dulled,

her legs paled

and scratches appeared.


her toes broke free.

she tumbled forward,

not knowing where to go,

unable to move her legs,

free falling into the

depths of the unknown.

ever so slowly,

her arms raised above her head

and she twirled,

whirling toward the darkness,

praying for life.

a broken ballerina

seeking freedom

as she tumbled from her

once humble abode.