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brazen brandy

in the penumbra of the eve,

silence creeps.

slithers around  gnarled trees clinging to

primordial roots,

glides down from a cajun sky

strewn with glowing specks of


this solitude steals boldly into my


saunters over to my soul

and pours itself in

as if it were an aged

and brazen brandy,

swirling about in a crystal tumbler.

confessions of the past

now echo inside me

as silence persists,

an obstinate guest

deep within my psyche.



creaks, clicks, and soft movements

float through the air

inside an old farmhouse

deep in the woods.

a gentle whooshing

of air carries the

echoes of the house’s


along their way.

my eyes still shut,

i listen

as  my body stretches

against the covers of the bed,

adding a soft rustling

to the echoes of a still life

wafting in the air.

as i peer overhead

through half-opened eyes,

mind still half asleep,

the white ceiling

stares back at me,




i wish to be the ceiling.

floating above all else,

a whisper, an echo, not affected

by anything occurring underneath

it’s protective shield.

it does not think.

it does not remember.

it just is.

as i lie there,



blinking my green eyes toward the heavens,

i wish

the silence swirling around me

were not so very