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as you lay breathing

with each new dawn

i awoke


for a new start.

and yet there you lay

next to me


a stranger in my bed

a stranger in my head

a stranger no longer

in my heart.

i packed your bags

sealed up your space

eons ago.

yet there you lay

next to me


with every breath

i let you steal

another chance at


your words sharpened

as the days flew by

piercing my soul

as there you lay

next to me


we flew round and round

you and i

each in our own world.

desperate for escape

i clawed at my confines

screamed for help

prayed for divine


as you lay there

next to me


i cried myself to sleep

wailed, writhed,

ached for a freedom

i knew existed

but could not reach.

as you lay there

next to me



i lie here,


fresh air

no longer sullied

by your breath,

your heart,

your words,

your despising ways.

i breathe.

because i am free.


beautiful vortex

let’s dance,

you and i.

find ourselves at the

edge of a precipice

painted with the colours of

a rainbow.

waltz dangerously toward

the empty space just


take my hand.

kiss me.

hold me.

don’t let go.

let’s dance,

you and i.

out of our

old miserable lives

and right into

our very own

beautiful vortex.


when staring through blurry glass

toward a wayward wood

hastily climbing up the distant hillside,

i glimpse

wildflowers desperately chasing

the trees

yet finding themselves

trapped behind tiny fences.

instead the wildflowers stare

at the glorious wood,

sprouting, reaching, and growing

in every direction

as they, the wildflowers,

wallow in their captive pen.

bright colors spring forth

as the wildflowers sway and strain,

longing for escape.

golden yellows, muted purples,

even a few indigo and pale pinks

peek through the leafy green


the wildflowers sigh

as they drench themselves in

the rays of a hellish sun.


to be rescued,

to be broken free from

the ground which holds them captive

behind their fence.

the wildflowers wait

so very patiently


so exquisitely beautifully

for their turn to be imperfectly