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tango at dawn

a crooked smile hangs

deeply in the night,

illuminated through reflections

of a fiery sun sequestered well beyond

the aphotic atmosphere.

cursed to chase the sun,

this crooked smile

swells into fullness

and then fades into darkness,

taunting the sun to promulgate

the hermetic cave into which it retreats

each evening after bowing to the sky

upon completion of their twilight waltz.

the dance deviates at dawn

as the sun pursues the cool cheshire grin

of a glowing white moon.

after a tango into the aurora,

exploding with soft oranges, pinks, and pale blues,

the sun languidly traverses a cerulean sky.

thus the never-ending dances persevere,

beyond the reach of barren trees

held deeply by primordial roots

invincibly into holy ground

reliant upon the very intricacies of

this breathless empyreal entanglement.




a rough breeze

blows across the surface

of rippling water

threatening to break

through the tension

mounted passionately

upon it’s back.

rays of the sun

glow and bounce off

the same taut rippling surface

playing ever so softly with trees

which line the shore,

dancing through their bright

green leaves.

the sun also dances

with me,

warming me as i

sink beneath the surface

of the water rippled

by his sister,

the wind.

the breeze

rushes toward me

desperate to toss my hair

about in her fingers,

as the sun leaves forever

a burning imprint upon

my lips.

the water beneath me

wraps me deep in an embrace,

enveloping my heart

in a drenching hug,


primal moods  not

ravaged by the sun

in many moons.

lost hearts

hearts in the dark

get lost sometimes –

caught up in

broken feelings

bringing them

to their knees

as the sun melts

behind lush green trees

covering mountains made

of years of hurt.

rocks crumble

as they stumble

toward us

full speed ahead

our feet pick up the pace

running away

yet onward

to an unknown horizon.

a straight line

flattened before us

filled with unknown

treasures or tragedies.

yet still

we zig and zag,

panting and racing

to reach you,

hope in our foolish lost


trapped here in the


caught up in

broken feelings

as the pale moon rises

above lush green trees

covering mountains made

of years of hurt.