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eyes slipping under their covers,

body as heavy as a boulder.

as i drift away,

i hear

you whisper adulations

if you were


in spirit

your arms

wrap tightly around

my depleted figure.

as crickets chirp

in the dark,

my mind drifts

as i open the gate to

a land often forbidden –

filled with dreams and hopes.

you walk with me,

hand in hand,

our smiles the only

lumen needed to

see the path before us.

as we open the door

at the end of the path,

step through,

my mind relinquishes

itself to somnolence

but not before

a faint smile

passes across my lips.

on the other side of this door

in the middle of nowhere,

you are mine

and i am yours.

my body shifts

as an exultant exhale

soars past my lips

into the wild.



in the depths of my life

i existed as a shadow,

lost behind echoes of

my former self.

lost behind roles

forced upon me,

expectations of society

swallowing me whole.

trapped behind grey mist

barely recognizable,

you found me.

i breathed.

reached forth as you reached out.

grabbed onto your hand,

as i broke through

the torn shadows,

leaving behind my broken world.

bursting back into life,

running toward you

the one who loved me so long ago,

the one who never stopped loving me,

the one who still loves me today.

the one who believes in me,

always has,

always will.

you are my soul,

my heart,

my passion,

my peace.


as i lose myself in your arms,

i exhale.

i am