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semblances of sanity

against the wall

she sways as an

innocent violet

mercilessly attacked in the

harsh spring wind,

struggling to understand

the heavy static in the

air around her

as the vortex


steady on a

hellbent path of

destruction while

giggling like a gleeful toddler.

she shrinks back into

a secret space

behind the graffiti-bound wall,

sheltering her green eyes

and poppy lips from the

angry vortex as it

gyrates past her

and frolics into the

dusty Texas night.

Her hungry maniacal soul

trails the path of destruction

into the wilderness,

seeking to create

semblances of sanity

from scraps of insanity.

(this post inspired by the 100 Word Song Challenge found here at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog – this week’s song was Idioteque by Radiohead)