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you sing to me,

hidden behind your broken walls of misery.

a tremulous voice straining through

boarded up windows,

desperate to float through

stymied humid air

into my soul.

i swallow your words,

choking on the acidic tang

flooding my mouth.

you feed them to me,

shoving them deep into my throat.

i gulp and swallow

until i soar beyond

absolute fullness.

as a bee ridding itself of pollen,

i turn and

expel the acid

stored deep inside,

flooding my world with

a sweet new liquid,

infusing life with

a new found honey.


sólo le quedan

Te amo con todo mi corazón

su alma es mi paz,

tu corazón mi amor, y tú eres mi todo.

pensamientos de ustedes son como un susurro en la noche,

suave y reconfortante.

Cuando pienso en ti,

es como si usted está aquí,

que me sostiene cerca,

envolviendo en tus brazos fuertes y presionando

contra mí su pecho,

que me permite sentir el ritmo

de tu corazón.

Cuando pienso en ti,

no queda nada en mi cabeza.

Me olvido de todo,

sólo le quedan.



i love you with all my heart. your soul is my peace, your heart my love, and you are my everything. thoughts of you are like a whisper in the night, soft, comforting. when i think of you, it’s as if you are here, holding me close, wrapping me in your strong arms and pressing me against your chest, allowing me to feel the rhythm of your heart. when i think of you, nothing remains in my head. I forget all else, only you remain.

**this was not written recently. several poems i post here are written the day they are posted while others are from my past. this is from my past.


inherently deaf, dumb, and blind

to terror and trauma surrounding me.

thick wooden walls

and silken interior

protect my heart,

a living casket,

walking dead.

pushed aside,

shoved into dirty corners,

death horror hell

mean less here.

my mind rocks to and fro behind iron walls,

alone, staring through an empty window.

bars placed there a long time ago


ravaged and wracked by time herself.

trauma found the key;

stole it from sorrow

who ripped it away from

death himself.

i am here now.


millions of shards pierce my


spilling mi corazon for all to see,

life-giving wine pouring onto the floor,

escaping in droplets which splash

then in tremendous rush,

sprint away from me as if

i were a horrific monster.

i am here.

i am helpless.

formed of only soft yet damned flesh,

yearning to crawl inside my sacred soul,

confused as to why this ache persists…

why this constant earthquake and vortex

threaten my sanity each day.

crippling thoughts flood my mind

whirlwinds twist my heart

draining final drops of wine

to the linoleum floor below

tiled sharply in black and white.

i curl fetally into your heart,

feeding upon your blood in desperation.

thriving on our anaerobic love.

yet this action,

this final thrust of survival,

this dependency upon your soulless heart,

is why my

heart ceases to pump


my mind ceases to think.

strings spring from my spine,

shooting upward toward your hands.

you grasp on tightly

as i shudder and exhale,

finally dead within,

alive only in motion

controlled by you.


soft lips martyr each other,

inflicting torturous passion

battling through inhibitions.

escaping tongues abscond with

territory not their own

yet intimately known.

fervent breaths echo

between us,

our chests rising, falling


an unabated rhythm

as we cling to one another,

my nails dig into your wickedly

prominent shoulders as you

claim me.

hips cavort to ancient rhythms



legs hopelessly tangled together,

losing ourselves down


rabbit hole of


kiss me as you scream

while your body shudders

as the crescendo claims you.

let me take you,

my hair hanging around your face,

lips pressed against yours,

surrendering to this imminent


destined for rapture.

as i shudder,

swallow my scream,

my dear,

hold me close.

as i spiral downward,

caress me as i explode in your arms.

i want you…

i want


where the clouds

cradling a fading

and weary yet still

fiery sun,

wispy clouds transform

from faded grey


hues of bright orange,


and neon yellow.

holding hands,

they bed the sun

just beyond deep blue


where the clouds

dance upon


through a wood

i found myself on a road

late one night.

it curved through

a dark forest,

haunting sounds echoed to and fro.

wet pavement beneath

my naked feet,

leading me away from

from him

toward an unknown


i crept forward,




trapped deep

within a prison

built by him

for me

years ago.

as light sliced

through the repugnant


you found me.

reached for me,

whispered strength

and beauty in my ears.

your words

your voice

shattered the fragile

bars of the prison

built for me

by him.

we ran,

filled with a soaring joy,

toward an unknown destination.

your path turned away from mine


without warning,

as night plunged deep

into my heart

once again.

i know

i’ll find daylight


i know

i’ll be strong


for now,

i walk,


on a path meant for me.

a path on which i am


a path on which i know

i am beautiful,

i am strong,

i am undoubtedly me.

the thunder gathers

in the distance

as rain pours down upon

my body,

i turn my face up,

hold my arms out,

and laugh.

ghosts of the heart

there are paths

deep within our heart.

All are well traveled and worn.

some carved out.

some  long overgrown.

some riddled with thorns.

some burned beyond recognition.

others well cared for,

soft and waiting

for the return of the

ghost of our heart

who one day

suddenly slipped


a ghost of our heart

we dream beyond hope

will return

to tend this path

alongside us,

filling our hearts

with a

joy more beautiful

than any

fully bloomed

scarlet rose

covered gently

in sweet morning dew.