make me yours

there’s a lustful silence between

you and i,

an echo filling space

beween us,

rapidly expanding and pulsating

as we hold our breath

and try to push it away.


it draws us closer,


your eyes search mine as

mine search yours,

lips close enough to breathe in

our salty passion

and inhale ignited desire.

caught in this carnal updraft,

your mouth seizes mine, gently,

then all at once devours me

with the drive of a insatiable tiger,

falling deliriously into


melting into you,

i disappear,

fading not away,

but toward an encompassing

sensual current to which

only your lips carry me.

lost in your sea,

i throw my head back

and sink beneath the waves,


yearning to feel every

drop of you upon my entire body,

denying myself nothing;

immersing myself completely

as together we

toss ourselves amidst the

lustful waves which swell

with each caress,

growing rougher and more


i open my eyes,

deep beneath surging waves

and stare into yours

as a lamb before slaughter,

whispering, into your parched and greedy lips,

three words…

“make me yours..”


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