soft lips martyr each other,

inflicting torturous passion

battling through inhibitions.

escaping tongues abscond with

territory not their own

yet intimately known.

fervent breaths echo

between us,

our chests rising, falling


an unabated rhythm

as we cling to one another,

my nails dig into your wickedly

prominent shoulders as you

claim me.

hips cavort to ancient rhythms



legs hopelessly tangled together,

losing ourselves down


rabbit hole of


kiss me as you scream

while your body shudders

as the crescendo claims you.

let me take you,

my hair hanging around your face,

lips pressed against yours,

surrendering to this imminent


destined for rapture.

as i shudder,

swallow my scream,

my dear,

hold me close.

as i spiral downward,

caress me as i explode in your arms.

i want you…

i want



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