in the depths of my life

i existed as a shadow,

lost behind echoes of

my former self.

lost behind roles

forced upon me,

expectations of society

swallowing me whole.

trapped behind grey mist

barely recognizable,

you found me.

i breathed.

reached forth as you reached out.

grabbed onto your hand,

as i broke through

the torn shadows,

leaving behind my broken world.

bursting back into life,

running toward you

the one who loved me so long ago,

the one who never stopped loving me,

the one who still loves me today.

the one who believes in me,

always has,

always will.

you are my soul,

my heart,

my passion,

my peace.


as i lose myself in your arms,

i exhale.

i am



2 responses to “home

  • partygirlpoetry

    Hi, I really enjoyed reading ‘home’, it was quite touching. I do feel like we anchor ourselves in the poeple we love, and sometimes they save us when we feel like we are falling.

    • lyricsplace

      thank you for reading. ;-)

      i’m glad you enjoyed the poem. yes, i do feel somewhat anchored to the person in the poem but there is so much more there than just him, it’s a sense of finally belonging somewhere, it’s the feeling of peace and happiness his energy brings into my life. it’s always been there but i’ve not immersed myself in it until now. i’m adrift in his spirit and blissful in his presence. so thankful the universe has brought us back together.

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