live, love, listen, speak

live without pretending…

naked, wet, screaming

expectations swirl about us

every balled fist,

every scream,

every gulp of air,

every second of sleep,

exasperatingly judged and yet

organically lived.

incapable of being

anything other than



love without depending…

a safe place,



we let ourselves fall

deeply into the chasm.

even when it hurts,

even when our hearts

shudder and shake

threatening to explode.

born requiring dependence

we dangerously careen

toward death


in order to bridge the chasm,

we must rely on none other

than ourselves.


listen without defending…

sharp bristled words spoken

by the careless souls of


pierce the armor

of even the hardiest

among us.


in response

to a sharp critique is not enough.

growth requires us to

feed on the harsh

words of others,

no matter the putrid taste.

never forget


words change meaning

as they float through the air from

the mouth of one to

the ears of another.

decide to allow the words

which drift into your world

empower your existence,

not denigrate it.


speak without offending…

a never-ending selection of words

comprised of a finite alphabet

constantly swim through our heads.

some words bursting with compassion

others sinking in putrescence.

mindfully choose which words

escape your soul,

for these words

not only affect others

but sink into your

conscious as well.

be bold

be firm


always be honest

and above all else,



(the previous piece based on the following quote: “live without pretending, love without defending, listen without offending, speak without offending.” ~Drake~)



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