spinning dreidel


lost and drifting

devoid of pretense

nothing left of my life

but myself.

echoes of my former self

lose themselves

against empty whispers

which now fill my path.


solace pours in

through sunlight found

deep in the forest.

air filters into

broken lungs;


a shattered heart.


stumbling forward I cling

to hope of




half my heart heals

the other half

still lies shattered.


i stand

barely upright

breathing shallow breaths

as i spin toward

the unknown.

i am broken.

but still i spin

even if out of control

for a few moments.

forging forward into

an unknown world.

it is here

i pray for a miracle.

a miracle of me.

*Nun – (Nisht) Yiddish – nothing

**Shin – (shtel arayn) – Yiddish – put in

***Hei – (halb) Yiddish – half in

***Gimel – (gants) all


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