a swooning feather

as darkness rolls toward me

my mind wanders

toward you.

your words,

filled with deliciously

arousing intentions

have swirled about me all day,

swooping deep into my thoughts,

pecking against my body


even when you had to be silent,

a simple

“pssst! i’m thinking of you”

found it’s way to my world,

seizing me anew with

tremors, breathless decadent tremors,

making me swoon and wish to fall

to the floor

as if i were a floating feather.

such simple words

have you sent my way today,

simple words


complex reactions

have they reaped.

my mind is swirling,

my body wishes to be twirling

toward you, near you, with you.

for now,

i sigh.

i must wait.


for now,

i find solace in the words

you send to me with

such delicate care.

for now,

i brace myself anew

with a deep breath,

curious mind,

and an aroused body


swooning with every new


which finds it’s way

from you

to me.


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