case of the curious heart

a heart is a curious thing

trapped beneath our chest

beating slow then fast

a touch, a look, a glance,

the right words…




wistful, wanton, dreaming,

the center of our very souls.

our hearts

fool us sometimes,

trap us, tease us, leave us,

lead us astray.

with them, we tilt, we fall, we stumble.

until one day fate

trips us when we least expect us,

carrying us across lines we never

meant to traverse.

yet here we exist,

still sad, wistful, wanton,

needing the miles between us

to melt urgently.

longing for a touch,

an embrace,

a rejoining of impassioned

spirits long separated by time.

so here we stay,


within our own chests,

our hearts sending

an S.O.S.,

desperate for rescue.


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