my garden

there is a garden

filled with flowers of every shape

color and size

deep within my heart.

it’s hidden, you see,

behind overgrown mulberries and


Giant sunflowers spring forth in the


bringing cheer to the outer wall of misery.


the door is just there,

to the left of the fifth wheel of sunshine

planted deep in the earth.

reach on through,

go ahead.

wait. here’s the key.

my hand outstreched toward you,

yours toward mine…

you reach, grasping the key

as your fingers ever so gently

and for a bit longer than necessary,

brush against the palm of my hand.


you shove your hand back through the bushes,

determined this time to unlock the hidden door.

i stand, alone,


almost asphyxiating,

pulse soaring along with

migrating geese.




i fall to the ground as the door lay ajar.

what once was splendor is no more,

dead, withered, gone faster than a

tadpole’s tale.


and you….

you shrug your shoulders,

walk away,

leaving us to rot together,

my garden and i.


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