Silent Queen

Living life as a silent queen

harbors a darkness in your mind,

thoughts you do not mean,

things which are unclean.

Lost in a vortex,

trapped deep in the very

antithesis of your dream.

Wistful breezes caress your face,

carrying with them the danger

of a dream, the wishes of


Trees sway and bow,

forcing you to live in the here and now.

Sunshine beats down your chest,

bringing forth your heart,

dragging you into a state of unrest.

You gasp for air

in the face of life,

In the face of speaking your


Cracks, whispers, mutters, grumbles,

syllabic progression

as you struggle to use

your voice.

Unfrozen, you stumble forth,

screaming all the while,

cleansing your soul, your mind, your heart.

Shedding forever the dark and silent


as you step into the light,

forever holding tight,

clinging to the bliss

with a newfound grin.


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