hearts have been known to crumble

under the softest of touches.

souls have been known to merge

unintentionally at night.

life’s rhythm changes,

the beating of my heart


physical traps embrace one another

spiritually rejoicing a sacred


you whisper into my ear

as your hand caresses my heart

“Can I have you?”

I answer you,

letting my legs spread further apart.

But physical need does not

place us in arms

encircled body to body,

but spiritual starvation;

yearning to be loved;

yearning to be caressed once more.

The end of this dream crashes through,

blatantly reminding us of this cold world

others speak of us reality.

And so, we part…

a few passionate kisses as you and I

bid adieu…

but i know in my heart;

deep deep within,

this is not the end;

Just merely the start.


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